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There is a reason why Siwan is called ‘Magic Hands’. She has been coming to the organisation for over 18 years, a testament to her popularity, skill and expertise.
— Shiatsu and Acupuncture, CEO and staff of the top multimedia company in London
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Shiatsu originated in Japan with roots in traditional Chinese medicine and influences from more recent Western therapies. Although shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, in practice a practitioner will use touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure and balance the energy flow.

Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and regular treatments can alleviate stress and illness and maintain good health and general well being.Shiatsu balances the internal energy flow, tonifies the inner organs, opens up the joints and gently stretches the muscles promoting increased flexibility and an overall sense of release and relaxation.

You do not have to have any specific complaint to enjoy this relaxing, rejuvenating treatment.

Shiatsu massage treatment


A warm welcome and an individually tailored treatment programme to stop problems recurring. Exercise and education of muscles, body and attitude are the key factors that will maintain good health long after Shiatsu treatments are complete. 

During the treatment you will remain fully clothed so please wear loose comfortable clothing, cotton tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt are ideal. 

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Some people have Shiatsu as a preventative measure or to strengthen their constitution or because they feel unwell within themselves without being ‘ill’ in the Western sense.

This treatment is available as a treatment for a specific condition on a weekly basis, or on a monthly basis as a preventative measure to keep your body in tip-top shape.



Initial assessment and treatment - £80
Follow-up session - £75

Pre-paid Course of 6 Treatments - £420